2019 Editorial Calendar


March/April 2019     

Editorial Theme: TR 10 (Ten Breakthrough Technologies)  

Ad Close Deadline: 25-Jan | Materials Deadline: 4-Feb | On Newsstands: 5-March

May/June 2019 

Editorial Theme: Climate Change –  A forward look at tech innovations around adapting to a world where the seas and temperatures are rising. 

Ad Close Deadline: 13-March  | Materials Deadline: 20-March | On Newsstands: 30-April

July/August 2019

Editorial Theme: Future of Space

Ad Close Deadline: 31-May | Materials Deadline: 3-June | On Newsstands: 2-July

September/October 2019

Editorial Theme: Biomedicine – Apps and technology enabling longevity; tracking and improving health, VR for medical treatment and end of life care.

Ad Close Deadline: 2-August  | Materials Deadline: 5-August | On Newsstands: 3-September

November/December 2019

Editorial Theme: Cybersecurity – security in the age of global “war and peace”

Ad Close Deadline: 27-September  | Materials Deadline: 4-October | On Newsstands: 5 November