2020 Editorial Calendar


November/December 2019

Editorial Theme: Cybersecurity – security in the age of global “war and peace”

Ad Close Deadline: September 13th  | Materials Deadline: September 20th | On Newsstands: October 29th

January/February 2020

Editorial Theme: Youth

Ad Close Deadline:  November 15th  | Materials Deadline: November 22nd | On Newsstands: December 31st


Editorial Theme: Ten Breakthrough Technologies/ Predictions

Ad Close Deadline:  January 10th  | Materials Deadline: January 17th | On Newsstands: February 25th


Editorial Theme: Technonationalism - How technology affects society and culture

Ad Close Deadline:  March 13th  | Materials Deadline: March 20th | On Newsstands: April 28th


Editorial Theme: 35 Innovators

Ad Close Deadline:  May 15th  | Materials Deadline: May 22nd  | On Newsstands: June 30th


Editorial Theme: Oceans

Ad Close Deadline: July 17th  | Materials Deadline: July 24th | On Newsstands: September 1st


Editorial Theme: Computing

Ad Close Deadline: September 18th  | Materials Deadline: September 25th | On Newsstands: October 27th