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The MIT Economy

While many publishers can lay claim to an audience of tech and business leaders, only MIT Technology Review has in its audience every living graduate of MIT

Against its peer set, MIT Technology Review readers rank first in their authority over technology purchasing and their status as C-suite executives or entrepreneurs.

average household income




72% male

median age (online)

36.2 years old*


tech decision

decision makers
(more than any other

*younger than any other publication

**more than any other publication (Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times)

companies founded by MIT alumni


people employed

4.6 million

revenue generated

$1.9 trillion*

*equivalent to 10th global largest economy


The time spent on The MIT Technology REview site and newsletter open rates are well above industry average, contributing to growth in readership and engagement.

readers who visit
advertiser’s site

unique visitor growth YOY*


annual unique users*

26 million

annual unique page views*

71 million

*May 1, 2017—April 30, 2018

The Website

The Website


Advertising with MIT Technology Review via traditional platforms, even sponsorship, or custom approach results in higher engagement with your brand and elevated customer interactions.




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MIT Technology Review events are a convergence of technology, business, and culture, offering unparalleled access to the sharpest minds and most innovative companies worldwide.

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Establish thought leadership through custom digital, print, and/or event-based advertising. The medium you choose will be published on MIT Technology Review’s properties, allowing you tailored access to their audience, supported with guaranteed amplification through their digital channels.

MIT Technology Review Insights

MIT Technology Review Insights

MIT Technology Review Insights

Our expert Insights team works closely with clients to create unique, high-quality media products. Our portfolio of turnkey solutions includes articles, reports, advertorials, microsites, infographics, videos, live events, and more, all with multiple options for promotional support. We deliver content to users in highly engaging digital, print, online, and in-person experiences, positioning our clients as thought leaders aligned with the authority on technology that matters. 

Our clients:


The Magazine

The Magazine

The Magazine

Our print publication has reported on technology and innovation since 1899. Our editorial team provides sophisticated, authoritative coverage that supports our overarching mission: to equip our audience with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.



Average time readers spend reading an issue of MIT Technology Review

42%of Readers

Visited an advertiser's website after reading MIT Technology Review.




Social Media

Promote your content to over 2 million MIT Technology Review followers across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


⇧42%social growth

Our audience of active & engaged social followers has grown YOY:
September 2015 - September 2016.

50+ Millionsocial ad impressions

Sponsored social impressions delivered.





Our events are where technology, business, and culture converge. From our flagship global EmTech conferences to smaller custom gatherings, both in-person and video events showcase emerging technologies with the most potential to generate change. Our live events also provide access to the world’s most innovative companies and people. 


53% director level & above

Our events consistently attract senior-level business and technology decision makers who drive the global innovation economy.

200+ media attendees

The 2015 and 2016 events attracted journalist from ABC News, the AP, Bloomberg, CNET, Fast Company, Fortune, USA Today, the Today Show, and The Wall Street Journal

2,000+ speakers

MIT Technology Review has unparalleled access to the most brilliant minds in science and technology from all across the world.

Our Fans

Our Fans

Our Fans

     When you’re happy, we’re happy.  The following is what a few of our clients, partners, and event   attendees have to say:

We were looking for a media partner who could recommend new and interesting ideas and that had very strong writing and editorial resources coupled with a credible and respected media platform with which to reach our target audience. The MIT Technology Review Custom team was able to demonstrate that they could successfully deliver on all the above criteria. As a bonus, they were very easy and flexible to work with as elements of the project evolved and changed over the course of six months. The team worked closely and the overall project management always demonstrated a clear and concise understanding of where we were in the delivery process. The end result was a well-executed and informative series of articles, infographics, and videos used to support a global security-awareness campaign.
— Project Lead, Security Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, about a large custom-content project involving 40 separate components
Inspired by the technological breakthroughs and work being done by the Innovators under 35 and other leaders in their respective fields who were in attendance at the EmTech MIT conference.
— Manager Business Intelligence, Liberty Mutual Insurance, about our EmTech conference
The reason we like to come to EmTech is the ecosystem and environment—the other speakers, the guests—to be able to make some network connections.
— Matt Grob, CTO, Qualcomm, about our EmTech conference

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Subject to change

September/October 2018

Editorial Theme: How technology is turning politics on its head

Ad Close Deadline: 20-July | Materials Deadline: 27-July | On Newsstands: 28-August

November/December 2018

Editorial Theme: The Unequal Future of Medicine

Ad Close Deadline: 21-Sept | Materials Deadline: 28-Sept | On Newsstands: 30-October

January/February 2019

Editorial Theme: TBD

Ad Close Deadline: 16-Nov | Materials Deadline: 23-Nov | On Newsstands: 1-January

March/April  2019

Editorial Theme: Ten Breakthrough Technologies

Ad Close Deadline: 18-Jan | Materials Deadline: 25-January | On Newsstands: 5-March

Digital Rates and Specs

Digital Rates and Specs

Digital Specs

Standard Ad Display Option
Ad Type Dimensions Expansion Dimensions Direction File Type Accepted Initial Load Max File Size Looping
Leaderboard 728x90 728x315 Down .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 100 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Medium Rectangle 300x250 600x250 Left .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 100 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Half Page 300x600 600x600 Left .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 100 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Wide Skyscraper 160x600 600x600 Left .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 100 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Super Leaderboard 970x90 -- -- .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 100 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Welcome Ad 640x480 -- -- gif, Rich Media, 3rd partY tag/HTML5 200 KB 400 KB 1 Cycle
High Impact "Rising Stars"
Ad Type Dimensions Expansion Dimensions Direction File Type Accepted Initial Load Max File Size Looping
Filmstrip 300x600 -- -- .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 200 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Portrait 300x1050 580x460 Left .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 200 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Pushdown 970x90 970x415 Down .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 200 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Billboard 970x250 -- -- .gif, Flash, Rich Media, HTML, third party tags 200 KB 200 KB 3 Cycles
Mobile Platform Advertising
Ad Type Dimensions Initial Load Max File Size Looping
Adhesion 300x50 or 300x100 50 KB N/A Yes
Smartphone Wide 320x50 50 KB 200 KB Yes
Smartphone interstitial 300x250 200 KB N/A N/A

Send materials to:

MIT Technology Review
Attn: MIT Ad Ops
One Main Street, Floor 13,
Cambridge, MA 02143

Print Rates and Specs

Print Rates and Specs

Print Rates and Specs

Gross Rates
Page Spread 2/3 1/2 1/3 Cover 2 Spread Cover 3 Cover 4
4-Color $29,480 $58,960 $20,630 $19,160 $13,260 $70,750 $32,426 $38,325
2-Color $25,050 $50,115 $17,540 $16,285 $11,275 -- -- --


Ad/Edit Ratio: 25/75

Estimated Audience: 487,200

Frequency: 6/year

Average Circulation: 177,436

Rate Base: 150,000



Safety: For safety, please keep all LIVE material 1/4 inch from the trim edges. For spreads allow 3/8 inch on each side of the gutter.

Printing Process: MIT Technology Review magazine is perfect bound and printed on heat-set web-offset presses. Materials need to comply with SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) standards. Total ink density should not exceed 300 percent.

Preferred Materials: PDF/X-la files are required. These should include crop marks showing trim and 1/8” bleed for images going beyond the trim. Minimum resolution for all images is 266 dpi (300 dpi preferred).

Send materials to:

MIT Technology Review
Attn: Webcreative
One Main Street, Floor 13,
Cambridge, MA 02143