Print Rates and Specs

Gross Rates
Page Spread 2/3 1/2 1/3 Cover 2 Spread Cover 3 Cover 4
4-Color $29,480 $58,960 $20,630 $19,160 $13,260 $70,750 $32,426 $38,325
2-Color $25,050 $50,115 $17,540 $16,285 $11,275 -- -- --


Ad/Edit Ratio: 25/75

Estimated Audience: 487,200

Frequency: 6/year

Average Circulation: 177,436

Rate Base: 150,000



Gutter Safety: Allow 3/8 inch on each side of the gutter, 3/4 inch total gutter safety.

Safety: For safety, please keep all LIVE material not intended to trim 1/4 inch from the trim edges.

Printing Process: MIT Technology Review magazine is produced with  a computer-to-plate workflow and is printed on Web offset presses.  The preferred screen is 133 lines per inch.  Total density should not exceed 300 percent.  The magazine is perfect bound.  MIT Technology Review subscribes to SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) standards.

Preferred Materials: Digital data with matching screened digital proofs (contract proofs) are preferred for all ad submissions.  PDF/X-la files are preferred.  Postscript files accepted.  Electronic ad materials must include crop marks showing trim, and include a minimum of 1/8" bleed.  Minimum resolution for all images is 266 dpi.

FTP Transfer: Please email for FTP site and password information.  File folders should be zipped (PC files) or BinHexed (Mac files).

Send materials to:

MIT Technology Review
Attn: Webcreative
One Main Street, Floor 13,
Cambridge, MA 02143