Editorial Calendar

Subject to change

January/February 2018

Ad Close Deadline: 17-November | Materials Deadline: 24-November | On Newsstands: 2-January

Editorial Theme: China's Crackdown on Bitcoin

March/April 2018

Ad Close Deadline: 19-January | Materials Due: 26-January | On Newsstands: 6-March

Editorial Theme: 10 Breakthrough Technologies 

May/June  2018

Ad Close Deadline: 16-March | Materials Deadline: 23-March | On Newsstands: 1-May

Editorial Theme: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Best in Technology (Special Interest Newsstand Pub)

Ad Close Deadline: 4-April | Materials Deadline: 13-April | On Newsstands: 29-May

Editorial Theme: Best in Technology

July/August 2018

Ad Close Deadline: 18-May | Materials Deadline: 25-May | On Newsstands: 3-July

Editorial Theme: 50 Smartest Companies 

Sept/October 2018

Ad Close Deadline: 20-July | Materials Deadline: 27-July | On Newsstands: 4-Sept

Editorial Theme: Innovators Under 35

Nov/Dec 2018

Ad Close Deadline: 21-Sept | Materials Deadline: 28-Sept | On Newsstands: 6-Nov

Editorial Theme: TBD